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"Krissy changed my life.  That may sound dramatic, but it’s absolutely true.

I hadn’t exercised regularly for at least 5 years when I found Krissy’s studio. She welcomed me immediately, as she does everybody who walks through her door.

Since starting her Zumba classes, I’ve been going 2-4 times per week for over a year.

I’ve lost 30 lbs, and I’m not done yet.  Krissy’s talent (she’s an amazing dancer!)and energy make the class like no other.  The hour flies by, the calories burn off, and you don’t even realize it because you’re having such a blast. Even at the end of an exhausting day, I will not miss it.  Not all Zumba classes are created equal. Krissy makes it awesome! The music’s turned up, the energy’s turned up, and this class is ADDICTIVE!!! " -Cassie C


"Krissy is amazing!  I have gone to zumba classes with so many other instructors, and there is no one who has the same level of energy and the awesome dance moves that Krissy has.  She has been a dancer her whole life, and it's obvious in her routines, which are never stale.  She has a playlist of thousands of songs, so you never get bored by doing the same routines or the same playlist over and over again, which is something that bothers me about other zumba instructors.  Krissy is so friendly.  She knows all of her students by name and looks for ways to make people feel welcomed and included.  She hosts parties and themed zumbathons at the studio.   She also knows how to offer modifications for those looking for an extra challenge or for people who might need simpler steps to follow. Now I live in California, and I haven't been able to find anyone with Krissy's level of energy and talent as a dancer.  I can't wait to come back to the East Coast and dance with Krissy again!" - Shauna C.


"If you have been looking for the motivation to get off the couch and take care of your body, this is the class for you.  Krissy is truly a one-in-a-million fitness instructor: warm, inclusive and inspiring.  She makes every single person feel welcome and able, and her studio reflects that: KDFS is a judgement-free, encouraging space for all body types, cultural backgrounds and ages.  Krissy's class is the most fun I've ever had working out: she manages to make me smile and sweat at the same time.  Krissy's energy, enthusiasm and style just shines through." - Katie S.


"I have to say I've tried many classes and fitness studios over the years and Krissy is by far the best instructor I have ever been to! She will give you that extra boost of motivation and fun filled workout you have been looking for! She offers a wide variety of classes so there is definitely something for everyone! There is never a dull moment at KDFS so be sure to drop in and check it out you won't regret it! 5 stars." -  Alyssa V.


"Been taking classes with Krissy for over a year now - I love her amazing energy - she is contagious lol - has me moving in ways I never thought I could - besides zumba she offers other classes to help with toning and stretching - I also love everyone I have met and got to know at this studio - everyone is so friendly --we really are like a family/" - Ginny S.


"I've taken classes with Krissy for a few years now, and enjoy them even better in her new studio!  I have a hard time making myself work out or go to the gym, but Krissy's interesting dances and good music choices motivate me to go to class and to keep moving while I'm there!  Krissy has a great attitude and is always energetic.  I never feel like she doesn't want to be there, and the feeling is contagious. My favorite class that Krissy does is definitely zumba. The dances are really fun and sexy!  You can tell everyone is enjoying themselves too.  Also, none of the people who go are mean or judgmental so if you are just starting out you don't have to feel self-conscious." - Gianna P. - Providence, RI

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"I was introduced to Krissy by my Pilates instructor who was ranting and raving about this amazing Zumba, fitness and dance instructor.  I have been taking Zumba for about 31/2 years with several different instructors and was very curious about Krissy.  My first day was a total "epiphany"!  I never knew that Zumba could be this original, dynamic and simply amazing.  It was literally the best workout I had in years and hands down the most fun.  I was so impressed by Krissy that I asked her if she would start a dance class for my children and friends as an after school program.  Once again, an absolute 'hit'!  My kids and their friends are absolutely crazy about their dance class and Krissy.  She is so great with the kids and she has a natural talent of engaging people to truly enjoy what they are doing.  I have nothing but the highest regards and respect for Krissy and her talents.  Thank you Krissy!" - S.S. Providence, RI


"My three year old daughter has always been very reserved. At other dance studios, she was very attached to me, never wanting me to leave. I wanted to try something different so I enrolled her into Krissy’s Studio. From the very first day my daughter has completely transformed. Dance class is now something she looks forward to. As soon as I take her jacket off her, she is saying goodbye to me, pushing me out the door and running to the dance floor. Through Krissy passion for dance, patience and experience she makes the children feel comfortable and perform at there best. I would recommend this class to any parent who wants their child to experience a comfortable place to learn." - Laura - Providence, RI


"It has always been a struggle for me to work out. I would always go with the best intentions to make it a life time change and then I lose my motivation to continue. I started taking Zumba classes with Krissy two years ago, and from the very first class my lifetime change that I had always hoped for came into fruition. Krissy is an instructor that cannot be matched. Her fun, energetic and unique classes keep you engaged and counting down to the next one. Since I started working out with Krissy I have lost over 20lbs. Taking Krissy’s classes does not feel like a work out, it feels like a real party!" - L.H. - Providence, RI